VIROTEC®-Flexarm® turned to the point

The VIROTEC®-Flexarm® FL 1 is a length adjustable arm over pipe for use in fire sprinkler systems. The Flexarm® was specially designed for use in the area of suspended ceilings, where conventional working methods require a large number of adjustments. It enables fast, easy and precise horizontal adjustment to each point within the area of a ceiling panel within a 14.1 radius. The type FL 1 is intended for mounting above the branch line pipe.

Mounting instruction
  1. Seal the 1” connecting thread at the connector (Item 3). Important: When using thread sealant note
    the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Screw in connector (Item 3) and tight on firm with pipe wrench.
  3. Place the Flexarm® in the required position and secure it by light tightening (approx 44 inch-in.lbs)
    the setscrews (Item 5).
  4. Subsequent adjustment is possible at any time, even when pressurised:
    – Undo setscrews (Item 5)
    – Adjust to required position
    – Tighten setscrews (Item 5)
    Important: The locking pins (Item 4) on the inside must not be loosened or twisted out as otherwise any warranty claims are cancelled.


The VIROTEC®-Flexarm® consists of the following components:

  • Item 1 Connecting arm (casting, zinced)
  • Item 2 End arm (casting, zinced)
  • Item 3 Connector (casting, zinced)
  • Item 4 Locking pins (assembly fixing, inside)
  • Item 5 Setscrews (position fixing)
  • Item 6 O-ring (silicon)

The unit is adjusted by swivelling the connecting and end arm in the horizontal plane. The hinges are sealed with an O-ring (Item6). The locking pins (Item 4) prevent the components from falling part. These locking pins cannot be dismantled (sealed in the factory).The set position is fixed by tightening the two external setscrews (Item 5). Before installation or positioning, these setscrews are only undone by approx 1/2 turn (delivered condition) and are then re-tightened. The positioning can also take place under pressure. Important: The locking pins on the inside must not be loosened or twisted out (warranty expires).


Technical data   Approvals

Surface Zinced
Weigth 3.8 p
Pachaging unit 12 pieces
Thread: Pipe thread 1”NPT
  according ASME/ANSI B1.20.1
Working temperature 4 °F to +230 °F
Working pressure 360 PSI (PN 25)
Pressure loss 15.7 Feet equivalent length of 1” steel pipe, Schedule 40